the much forgotten and underrated frenchpress

i recently wrote about how i dusted my frenchpress and began brewing on it again thanks to a post by @baristaonbike. 

it’s easy to get carried away with equipment and nuances in the world of specialty coffee. the notes, the filters, syphons, the shots you pull and the art you make! in the world of pourovers and identifying all of the roasters notes, make time for the immersions. 

it’s quick, effective, sometimes gritty but so is most of life no?

it’s great to add a well (g)rounded flavor profile to the coffee. compare the same coffee on a pourover and have fun with the results. french press is the quickest way to get to a jugaad iced brew. no matter how skewed your ratio or bad your brewing was, you could ice it to turn it around. 

given the carbon footprint of coffee, it’s really hard to stay sustainable and ecofriendly but brewing a few cups at home without the use filters is a step in the right direction. 

metaphorically, the frenchpress is closer to life’s realities than the other coffee brewing equipments. it is more forgiving than an aeropress given that there’s neglible pressure involved. irrespective of whether you want to make coffee simple or keep it a class apart, do not let your french press sit and collect dust.