frenchpress-ed after such a long time

when i started out with specialty coffee. it was with a french press. it was the least complicated equipment on my research list and the filter paper aspect of the pour over dint sit well. so french press it was. i remember getting sampler packs of then flying squirrel and trying really hard to like the coffee. i knew nothing of ratios or recipes and every pack tasted the same. a “hearty” cup of coffee which i loved but was disappointed to not have recognised any flavour notes mentioned on the pack.

the coffee journey has taken a lot of turns since then and my frenchpress lay forgotten.
wanting to get away from the washed scene, i prefer pourovers for the flavours of the processed beans. my washed beans are typically subjects to my aeropress or the south indian filter.

recently, during a conversation with @baristaonbike, he asked to “cup” a coffee to see if the flavour profiles were more robust. and it was!
an avid note taker that iam, I swiped back to all my notes from the frenchpress days where I describe the coffee as hearty, full and even heavy.

the immersions are a great way of brewing coffee albeit less favoured to the drips.
recently @baristaonbike put up a post (on Instagram and his blog) about a french press recipe that was truly inspiring.

quite literally dusted off my frenchpress and got to brewing.
if you haven’t read up on it, please do. and try it with any of the coffees you have at hand. you will surprise yourself.

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