thank you G-Anna for this coffee mug

know how they tell you that you are a child, you are more trusting, open and willingly make friends with everyone. i wasn’t that child. i was grouchier, angrier and more of an ass than iam now. may sound impossible but i along with several victims with severe burns and lacerations can assure you that iam not.

good people are hard to come by. good people are harder to sustain the older you get.

G-Anna studied with my cousin. they are a small group of close knit friends all of whom know the family and vice versa.

i don’t know how or when but G-Anna struck a chord. we don’t talk often, we don’t talk long. i have ghosted him for over a year when I was depressed about losing my PhD. but he still remains the same brother he always was. kind, caring, non-judgemental. we talk books, movies, podcasts in the short bursts of conversations we manage over text every few weeks. he got my kindle. and he got me this beautiful mug from mexico. common to the local pottery culture, that mug is heavy, robust and absolutely stunning.

he also got me the cutest oaxacan folk art based doggo figurine that is just too precious and awesome to share with the world right now.

he won’t expect this. our friendship doesn’t either. but if anything this pandemic and my life in the past few months has taught me, it’s to bookmark everything nice that happens for a gloomy day.

so this one is for the memory jar. a friend who is family. a brother who is always there no matter what. thank you G-Anna for this awesome mug and for being in my life.

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