Coffees of 2021 : Bermiok Coffee

the coffee

☕️ , ? : @bermiokcoffee
? : arabica
⚙️ : washed 

the estate and roaster: bermiok coffee

Bermiok Coffee is an extension of the Bermiok Tea Estate (estd 1999) & Bermiok Farms in Sikkim (@bermioktea , @bermiokfarms). It grew from our family’s mission to establish a sustainable rural economy in our region.

We began our coffee journey in 2015 as Sikkim’s first small organic plantation of 100% Arabica coffee and started roasting and packaging our own produce since 2019. In 2020, the pandemic hit many of our region’s small farmers. Some had planted some coffee and others were keen to start and approached us to help them.

Today our roastery offers small batch coffees from our own farm and those sourced from micro growers from across the pristine Indian foothills of our Kangchenjunga range comprising the three neighbouring territories of Sikkim , Kalimpong & Darjeeling.

Not only do these regions have entwined histories and share a unique natural heritage but also have the same genesis of coffee! A majority of farmers have planted the same varietal of Arabica cultivar from local nurseries which started with the same bunch of seeds that were brought in from Papa New Guinea over a decade ago.

So Coffee cultivation in our region is in its infancy, the production in its nascency and its future still in a state of uncertainty! But we hope to catalyse its growth and help secure a future for the Kangchenjunga origin.

what i want to remember

Srini aka @saltedpeppercorn asked me a while ago if I wanted tag along and order some coffee from Sikkim. I was game and that’s how this pack of Bermiok Coffee landed on my table

This coffee is crisp and clean , resplendent with notes expected of a washed coffee, lovely nutty and chocolate flavours. This is the first time iam tasting/experiencing a hint of mint in my coffee which is pronounced in the first few sips when the coffee is hot. Like I had a breathmint right before I had the coffee. It was surprising and I could taste that down to the last few cups I made with the pack. But only in a pour over though. As a filter coffee, this coffee plays towards earthy chocolate-nutty notes that make for an intense morning cup

thank you Srini for leading me to this new find, thank you Nikhil of Bermiok for so kindly giving me the details for this blog post.