5 facts about fitness that will blow your mind

*the great indian fitness series*

right, so we are getting on the fitness wagon and so far so good. but there is more than just one speed bump on the road to greatness!
philosophy? not just plain science!

you will gain some weight.

initially, you will gain some weight. about 2-3 weeks into your sweat-fest at the gym, the scales will tip on the wrong side. fret not and most importantly – DO NOT GIVE UP.

the initial few weeks are about the body getting used to the regimen that you are putting it through. it doesnt understand why you are starving and working out. the body considers this a calamity situation and pack the muscles on to better stave off the fore-coming situation.

good news? this is temporary. your body will get to the fat and melt that off eventually. just keep at it. 

also measure your progress by inch loss, how your clothes fit and how you feel rather than just the scale.

gym ≠ eat whatever you want.

one of the most commonest myths remains that you can eat that extra piece of pie because you are hitting the gym later in the day. WRONG.
calorie in = calorie out. you stay the same.!
calorie in > calorie out .  you grow in size (either fat or muscle)
calorie < calorie out .  you slim down!

so unless you are eating in excess to bulk up on the muscles, eat lesser than you normally would to help your gymming show effect.

you dont ALWAYS need a coach.

i am not saying you dont need a coach at all. you could be doing more harm than good with improper form. but dont make the lack of a good trainer/coach your reason to not work out. find coaches online, inspiration from instagram and get the ball rolling. 

sometimes, it’s okay to skip the gym.

if you are sore, one of the top things to do is keep at it. when you take a break, you body gets back to form which means you are back to square one with the soreness when you hit the gym again. but never work through. there is a clear distinction between pain and being sore. listen to your body and understand the difference. working through pain could damage your muscle/tendon further so get the right help from an expert to fix it.

rest day is key in all fitness plans!

the top benefit of fitness = mental health.

forget the scales and the clothes. the top benefit of working out is actually greatly improved mental health. many ignore this because its not noticeable. but the extra smiles, ability to sit through longer meetings without a sweat and longer playtime with the pet/kid?! attribute all that to fitness! 

working out helps you sleep better, which is KEY TO ALL OF HUMAN LIFE! (sleep is bae)

so the next time you wanna quit because you dont see results or have doubt whether working out is working out for you, come back to this article.

i am awesome, i know. say thanks with some new resistance bands!

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7 thoughts on “5 facts about fitness that will blow your mind

  1. Perfect !! Mostly the initial weight gain gives an alarming signal. Many people panics and tries hard to change the method. Any method had to be given some time sync in.

  2. ‘it doesnt why you are starving and working out.’ – clarify pls.
    Good mood and mental clarity are undeniable goodies from physical exercise.
    P.S: Nice touch on bringing in El.

  3. Thanks for sharing these facts. Yes you are absolutely right, the mental health is the top benefit of any fitness regime. And if move with sustainable pace will see some changes in scales too 🙂

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