what the fudge?!!

this is the lazy girl’s version of the most amazing choco fudge ever!!

i have been devouring these by the dozen #happyclam #fatclam #clamdontcare

here’s how you make ’em

what you need

* dark chocolate 100g (i used amul bitter chocolate – cocoa at 75%)

* 200g condensed milk (used amul)

* 2 tb butter/ghee

* vannila extract (optional)

* 60ml of brandy or liquor of choice (NOT optional)

what you do

* take the above mentioned ingredients and heat up

* microwave : 2-3 mins on high /  stove top – lowest possible flame

*  until you can draw a line through with your spatula and it holds for a split second 

* once done, pour onto lined container, chill for 1-2 hours and cut/roll into desired shaped. 

* store refrigerated for 2 weeks or freeze upto 3 months.

chef notes

* if the fudge hasn’t set after 1ish hours in the fridge, heat up again and re-do the process. this recipe is very forgiving. it should sit right the second time.

* if your fudge has not set at all, just pour over warm brownies, hot bodies or cold ice cream and lick away! nirvana ahoy!

* go nuts. like literally!! add nuts, raisins or sprinkles as you see fit. but i personally prefer the smoothness that comes from the plain fudge. 

* chocolate : condensed milk : butter :: x gram : 2x gram : 2x tb

* fiiiiiiiinnnneeeee. if you dont want the alcohol, you can skip it and miss out on something stupendous. #justsaying 

let me know how this works for you. will post the good-girl version of the fudge soon!