the real reason why Princess Meghan Markle touches her baby bump so much

instagram is twitter with proof. and does waste time putting strangers in their place, demystifying celebrities and crushing minds with memes.

quite often than not, the explore page shows me pics of prince harry and william. i catch up on their lives just as i do with my other childhood crushes – the backstreet boys (yes, iam old. sue me!)

Pregnant woman sits on armchair wearing a beautiful pale pink dress by Laura Stolfi for Stocksy Unitedrecently instead of showing me my beautifully balding princes, insta-vestigator is showing me pics of meghan markle touching or cradling her bump. and there are swarms of non-working bees that have heated debates about why she is doing, if the bump is real. let’s not even get started on the whole she is tyrant debate.

social media had a similar problem with khloe kardashian about touching her bump too much. then she posted a pic in a bikini and put her baby bump on display for all to see.

since meghan cant do that (nor should she), there is speculation about her bump being fake and that she actually is opting for surrogacy considering her age. 

have you seen yogi mommies doing handstands days before they are due? runner mommies who haven’t gained weight except for their baby bump? have you seen me wolf down a burger 20 minutes after zumba? we exist and we exist like it’s no body’s business. 

i have never been mean enough to say something mean on social media. sarcastic? yes. mean? never. 
i however have gossiped with close friends, bitched and fueled rumors, all of which i am absolutely ashamed about

the last 4 years of my life have been truly eye-opening for me.
NO ONE truly knows the truth except you.
people will only know the truth you tell them
people will only believe the truth they want to believe.

there are two factions to this bull-shit.
the shit that is shat by the faceless and the spineless.
the bulls that face all this and forge ahead.

being a bull is hard. facing unwarranted questions, unnecessary accusations, rumors that fill space and time from sources both known and faceless. we face this at work, home, with friends and yes on social media

shitting the shit is easy.  you don’t mean to, sometimes. but it’s just SO EASY. our mind forms an opinion easier than wolfing down oreos.easier said than done right? but, you know what i have learnt the hard way?

dont judge a book, even if you have read it. 

a book that brought you joy a few years ago might just be plain boring when you read it now. 
our mind constantly grows, changes with every lesson, every joy, every tear shed, every battle won and every scar that forms.

  • so dont judge anyone, even yourself. 
  • hard as it may seem, give your opinion only when asked.
  • throw kindness around like glitter! it’s fun, it sticks everywhere and never leaves.
  • if you have to say something, make sure it’s positive and #sparksjoy.


Person in black sneakers standing above chalk words saying - Don't be a jerk by Carolyn Lagattuta for Stocksy United

so coming back to meghan markle.
know why she’s touching her bump so much? because she can and she should.  
it’s 2019, get with the program. no one gives two hoots about anything negative.

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