an orange squeezed is orange juice

when forced into a corner,
pushed to the brink,
when wrung dry and lifeless,
what comes out of you,
what you make of you,
is who you are.
who you truly are.
are you scared of the enemy?
concerned for your soldier?
confident over strength?
leave all stakes to karma?
what do you do?
save yourself?
send someone else to the slaughter?
do whatever it takes?
wrong or worse?
do you ride the rough patches?
do you forget the good?
do you forfeit all to save self?
do your priorities change?
do you work it all out?
do you work for what is right?
can you pretend though?
hide behind tears or smiles?
no matter what you say,
how you behave,
what you believe,
what you trumpet to all.
an orange squeezed is orange juice.
an orange squeezed can only be orange juice