no mud no lotus

decisions that take you forward,
decisions that halt your pace.
what makes us do what we do?
do we truly chose our place?

are we mere players of chance,
in some big cosmic game?
does god or karma truly have the time?
do we just use them to blame?

right or wrong is not subjective,
just as much as it is.
we may know why or not,
it will always be, what it is.

troubled waters teach skill,
still waters teach calm.
take time to express it all,
smiles, joy, guilt and qualm.

take the time you need,
breathe in and assimilate.
plant your firmly on the ground,
breathe in and await.

however wrong, however sad,
however hard, however difficult.
acceptance gives you life,
hold on, in triumph you will exult.

murky the waters maybe,
no matter who put you there.
have hope and your eyes will see,
you are the lotus that perfumes the air.

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