my brew space

this is a portion of my brewing space.
i have a shelf that holds my numerous coffee mugs, coffees that are currently in use, coffee equipments that aren’t currently in use and their respective filters.
but this corner of my work desk is my brewing space. typically houses my gooseneck whom i affectionately call GK and the brewer of the hour.
the more i travel, the more i have realised that seem to carve out this space wherever i go.
a corner of the kitchen
a desk with an electrical outlet
i don’t realise i was doing this until i messed up my coffee this morning.
i couldn’t brew in my decided corner and the niggling feeling was only washed down by a better brewed cup an hour later.
the older i get, the more i seek zen in teeny pockets of life and my coffee brewing space is turning out to be just that.