madras suthipakalaama: VGP Marine Kingdom


impromptu plan but such a fun activity!

the place was filled with as many children as fish if not more, just as many sizes and squeals. as a child, it’s the amazement of seeing the aquatic life, the various colours, shapes and the inevitable question of whether the shark would eat us all.

but as an adult it’s different. you think about the costs involved, the upkeep, the HVAC. yes, dysfunction at its best when you are looking at HVAC wiring at a place filled with creatures I haven’t seen in my life.

I did my fair share ogling too. it’s hard not to. but you also wonder if the crustaceans saw the humans from behind the glass and marveled at the idiocy of being fascinated by them.

it was relaxing so just watch fish swim. something about the water also brings with it a sense of creepy dreaded calm that I resonate with it. but adult in me also developed a headache from the refractive visions of peering into 2 inch thick glasses to get a better look in to the oceanic beauties.

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