Zura Mgic Potion


Zura is the brainchild of Binny Varghese, Neeraj Pathak and Dr.Kriti Sharma. Zura is focused on simplifying the process and the technicalities of Specialty Coffee, making it an enjoyable journey for the consumer. Their first product is the Revolutionary Mgic Potion – India’s first Water Salt Mixture for Coffee Brewing

Mgic Potion

Mgic potion is a liquid water mineral salt mixture, hence ‘Potion’, which when mixed with distilled water, or water that is very low in ‘TDS’, creates what we feel is ideal water to brew coffee.

Mgic Potion is a mineral concentrate. The Pack you have received contains an amber glass bottle with a sealed cap and inner stopper inside. These arrangements keep the bottle leakproof and airtight throughout the transit period. 

To make brewing water from Mgic Potion you will need 5L of Distilled Water / Demineralized Water (any water with 0 or close to 0 TDS). In the absence of a good source of Distilled water, we recommend the use of Aquafina Mineral Water, since it has a TDS of less than 10 as claimed by the company itself, also cross-checked by us across different cities.

Please follow the steps:

  • Shake the contents of the bottle vigorously for 30 secs.
  • Empty the contents into 5L Distilled Water.
  • Rinse the concentrate bottle with the same water & empty the contents into the same 5L DW.
  • Brewing Water once prepared must be stored in a Cool Dry Place, away from direct sunlight. Refrigerate for Best Results.
Source: Aquafina TDS – https://www.aquafina.com/en-US/faq.html
“The Aquafina average TDS reading is 4 — that’s 2.5 times lower than FDA standards and 75% less than the closest competitive brand.”(2)
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