What is WORDLE?

if you are on Twitter and your timeline is full of yellow and green boxes (and boxes of other colours with the not-wordle memes, but we shall come to that later), it is the latest obsession that’s taking the world by a storm.

Wordle is a simply daily word game where users guess one five-letter word in six tries. you type in your first five letter word and Wordle tells you if the alphabets are right and correctly placed – green boxes; alphabets are right but incorrectly places – yellow boxes and if the alphabets are just wrong – grey boxes. and then the guessing game begins.

Wordle is the brainchild of Josh Wardle, a software engineer from Brooklyn who originally created this game for his partner. He released it to the public in October 2021.

Reddit and New York Times put Wordle on the map and now it’s everywhere!!

5 things I love about Wordle

1.New Game at Midnight

Let’s face it, this pandemic is not getting any easier and this tiny pocket of happiness at the stroke of midnight is just what the doctors recommended.

source : www.Twitter.com/SunOfGan

2.The Collective Secrecy

Wordle allows you to share your finished game without outing the answer on Twitter and how the timeline flooding. but across the world, there’s no one spoiling things for anyone. there are many who wait for 12 and do it and others who get to it in the morning. however no one is playing the spoilsport and this harmony is so unifying and beautiful.

source : www.Twitter.com/spadjay

3.Not Wordle

The Not-Wordle memes are my fav. this game has become so popular that many are spinning  this around for fun.

source : www.Twitter.com/cartoonnetwork

source : www.Twitter.com/vettichennaiguy

4.The Strategies

Divided by oh-so-many things in this day and age, it’s endearing to see people come together to strategise the first word because that makes all the difference.

5.There are two kinds of people

People who wait until 12 and end their day with Wordle.

People who start their day with Wordle.

Also the American and British spellings don’t make things easy sometimes but hey it’s worth the fun.

Get your Wordle On  : The Best Tips and Tricks

1.Vowels Matter

Many swear by using ARISE, AROSE, ADIEU, DIARY as their first guess. this may not work all the time but getting your vowels right makes the job a lot easier.

2.Get your S and Cross your T

Alphabets S, R, T frequently appear and it would be wise to also use them in your first guess.

3.Spend the most time on the second guess.

The second guess is make or break. Spend some time to play with the letters. you either get it right in the second try or make it easier for the third.

4.Don’t be a spoilsport.

Twitter is religious about not spoiling the game for you. Don’t also look for clues on Google. Chances are you will be overthinking what was initially a very simple guess. Things WebMD diagnosis but for words

5.Double the Fun

Once you realise that the same letters can appear twice in the word, the game opens up in a whole new dimension. Twice the FUN!

There are a bazillion clones and apps but Wordle is available HERE. (for now. as I post this, news is that New York Times is buying the game (GO JOSH!!!!) and things could change. Or not. time will tell.

source : www.Instagram.com/insider life

There are also creators who have brought up this game in other languages which is brilliant.

There is also someone who created a Wordle version where you can create a game by choosing a word of your choice!! Wordle Proposal anyone?!!


Oh and please don’t compare it to Dalgona or Sourdough – that was sucky and this is not. Wordle is movement of human emotions that will hopefully enjoyed and definitely studies years later – Divided by times, united by 5 letters – in more ways than one.

Did you Wordle today?