the ponnu times : september 2021

this month has tested me beyond my capabilities. i don’t know if that’s right though because i did handle it. guess it would be right to say this month tested my limits and i realised iam stretchy like all the delicious bread i have been consuming all these years.

an absolutely monumental project fell through. it shattered both me and Doc, to say the least. we are taking it one day at a time and focusing on the projects at hand. love, laughs and food helps. alcohol does wonders.

Z required another surgery. superbly minor but it’s something that we did in time thanks to an undeniably god-sent vet. god bless that man and his assistants all day everyday.

we made it a good month nonetheless. me and doc. having worked most of the past few years from home and with the pandemic making it worse, I’d truly gotten used to just being at home. doc pushed us to more walks, drives, just dropping in to cafes near home. little breaks from life, if you will.

Instagram is getting to me. much as I truly love creating content, it’s just feeling really forced. iam no longer learning anything from instagram which is what I used to primarily love about the space. there’s no new recipes, there’s not much excitement about newer coffees. it’s just about reels and it frankly sucks.

desperate for a vacay, hoping to make it happen in October. no haven’t read anything , haven’t worked out. but doc got me books for my birthday and iam hoping to get back on track.

oh, probably the most important news of this month would be that i got my hair cut. i dint cut my hair since 2020. it grew to be longest i have ever grown it only because i was pushing appointments in favour of getting work done or  getting my laziness on. either way, hair is back to being in layers, shoulder length – my standard and i got to donate a good 6 inches of my hair to a cancer patient program. i can’t not explain the relief. i feel like myself in ways I can’t put into words. such a lovely end to an otherwise muddy month.