The Drip Coffee Machine | #3 Water : Coffee Ratio

We are looking at the possible factors that make specialty coffee taste better on a Drip Coffee Machine 

#1 : Water

#2 : Grind Size 

#3 : Water : Coffee Ratio 

Do pourover ratios 1:16, 1:17 is good. But you might need to tweak it for darker roasts, washed coffee and robusta blends. The water is boiling hot and kind of burns the coffee so you get more earthy, smoky tones if you don’t take care.

See, let be honest here, its just you and me. The Drip Machine is not a substitute for the pourover, by no means. But its a superb device to have at work to enjoy a decent cup of speciality coffee. However so many  variables are out of control, it’s wise to tweak what we can control.

Bypass for darker roasts. The Drip Machine by itself works best for wash coffees or the non-funky ones. I risked Curveball by Kapikottai on this. Blasphemy i know but it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be. It was richer, winey-er with more earthy notes than berry/alcohol. So keep that in mind.


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