perfecting the art of re-using the V60 filter

if you have been here a while, you know i reused my aeropress filterpapers. so i tried the same with the v60. it wasn’t easy.

let’s get some variables out of the way before we get to the good stuff.
– i use natural v60 papers cuz the white leaves an aftertaste that iam not liking but once my current set is done, i plan to get the bleached for experiments
– all my coffee goes to the plants. i also jar some up for odour removal but it all ends up in the planters
– the same goes for any and all water that i use for washing, prerinsing or treating my v60 paper.
– i collect all of the rinse/treatment water in a container or vessel and then use it to water plants. i urge you to do the same.

the failed attempt #1 : rinse and repeat

– i wanted to reuse the v60 for the same reason as i did the aeropress filters; to have a more ecofriendly sustainable coffee journey. i consume a good amount of specialty coffee which is a lot of filter paper if it was single use
– i did what i was typically; empty the coffee grounds and rinse a few times and allow to dry.
– but this did not work. there was a clear residue of the coffee on the dried filter and it was undeniably discernible in the next brew.
– i typically have the only 2-3 coffees at a given point of time. so i designate one filter paper per coffee but even that dint work.

the failed attempt #2 : ice ice baby

– when aramse put up a post of refrigerating he used filters in water, i wanted to give it a go.
– what you do is essentially rinse your filter post use, immerse it in fresh water and refrigerate until the next use.
– this worked well but it was the solution i was looking for.
– the filter dint make the coffee bitter but the coffee dint taste fresh. could be the naturals as i mention i dint use the bleached as a variable. it dint make sense to spend unnecessary on a experiment focused on sustainability
– but this refrigerate thing was a hassle. i felt it absorbed some “Indian fridge” smells which dint sit well with me.

reusing your v60 papers : the madras ponnu way


-brew coffee per usual
– rinse out the coffee grounds
– submerge the used filter paper in water
– boil it until the water reaches rolling boil stage. this takes approx 3 mins
– remove the filter paper and dry.
– i like to dry it in the v60 to retain the shape.

  • this works brilliantly
  • there is neither any residual aroma nor taste
  • i use the same paper for about 4 brews before discarding
  • the maximum number of reuse i have achieved is 5.

try and let me know if this works for you too…