Mallika Akka oda Coffee

i was recently at a client’s corporate office and per usual refused the coffee assuming it would be out of a vending machine.
an executive told me “ma’am, do try a cup. our Mallika akka makes a delicious cup. not like machine kaapi”. After that statement, I had to agree.
Mallika akka came in with steaming cups of coffee. instant, no doubt but strong, with just the right amount of sugar. what instantly brought a smile to my face was that she had garnished the coffee with a pinch of instant power before serving it to us. i don’t know whether it was taught to her or if it her own creative expression. she brought the coffee to us with pride fully confident that her coffee was good and that she was known for it. and right she was.
once the long meeting was done, i made sure to seek her out. “Akka avanga sonna madhri unga coffee super”.
she was taken aback and responded with just a shy smile.

it’s so easy to take Instagram worthy photographs and reels,  tag the cafe and share it for mutual social media publicity but the it’s the people who need to be acknowledged.
always take the time to thank the underappreciated in the hospitality sector. more so when they make amazing kaapi like Mallika Akka.
sometimes you do or say something not just because it’s manners or it’s ingrained or expected. sometimes it’s not about making a statement or feeling good about being the bigger or better person. it’s not about making the other person happy. sometimes it’s not even about acknowledging the unnoticed. sometimes it’s just selfishly about feeling good.
i don’t know if I made Mallika akka’s day or if she would even remember that interaction but with her fantastic kaapi and shy happiness, she sure made mine.