let coffee be coffee

what’s coffee to you?
what’s idli to you? what’s happiness to you? what’s life to you?
the reason the answers differ is what makes the world the place it is – good, bad and everything in between.

instagram is my favourite cafe and iam fiercely protective of that space :  roasters who tell me about their new coffee; estaters who show me their lovely fauna, fungi, wildlife; brewers who teach me methods, recipes and friends who love coffee and me!
but off late, so many things about this sacred space have been bothering me, so consider this a rant or just a getting it out of my system post

tell them what you think

how do you like the coffee? where did you get the coffee? do you like the new coffee grinder? how many kidneys do you have left after buying that grinder?!

tell them what you think AND STOP

alan adler was criticized for his AP prototype. it dint gain its popularity until much later and the first AP championship has 3 contestants and took 15 mins.
take a minute to think of that before you brandish your toys and throw around words.
there is no ONE right way to do anything. anything that isn’t right is not WRONG, it’s a learning experience, it’s an experiment.

but mom, you do it!!

i get it. this rant by itself can be construed as one way of telling you HOW to review coffee.
but my intention is not that. what i mean to say is review, talk, make video, reel it, feel it and all that jazz in your own  style.
dont judge dont belittle anyone who doesnt do what you do. did it occur to you that maybe they dont want to or have to?
just because you are pretending to be a horticulturist doesnt mean someone cant be a better and a nicer gardener

let coffee bloom

estaters and roasters dont sell their coffee by advertising that it was graded at X or that it should be brewed using Y equipment at Z temperature using your left handed pointed towards rameshwaram.
estates showcase their lovely estates, sometimes make you jealous with stories about their wildlife and avocados.
roasters tell you the coffee is roasted at X, tastes like Y and imma charge your Z for it.
true blue coffee experts talk much less.

so why would you box something down to “specifics”?
why is it “I taste ABC” or I rate this at 5.52839 put of 10 rather than this good was great as with the V60, but does anyone have an AP recipe?!!

why is EVERYONE bothered and excited about the “reviews?”

there is only ONE review scale and that’s applicable for everything in life.

“did YOU like it or not?”