international day of happiness

happiness is…..

z. – my not so little boxer pupper who’s my source of smiles all day, every day. 

chicken –  i could eat chicken 3 times a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and still want more. (sorry vegans)

work – i dint have to learn to love my job. i fell in love with it the minute i understood the awesomeness of it. but i dint find happiness in work for a long time considering my own imperfections that craved perfection in all aspects. now i have learnt how to put the happiness i get from work before everything else.

blogging – i am a 90’s kid so i grew up with the blogging boom. it caught my attention and has held it for the longest time, because it was words and a way to put my words out into the world. i never monetised my blogging (havent learnt much even now), but it will always remain close to my heart.

coffee –  i wanna say coffee is bae but it’s more for preservation of sanity. mine. 

books –  i have been a voracious reader all through school and college. when kids hung out at malls, i hung out at libraries until they closed for the day. you would never see me without a book in my bag. but the habit dropped when libraries became fewer and books became pricier. kindle has been a great boon for me. though i resented the digital form initially, i am happy about lesser trees cut down, more books that i can read and just how efficient the whole kindle system is. 

working out – never in my life did i think i would equate happiness with working out. after several gym memberships and classes, i have finally reached a stage where i have understood my body, what it needs and how i need to push it. science is always fun for me, so when i made all my workouts scientifically correct, it has been refreshing for me. i hate missing workouts now!

yellow balloons – always has been. always will be.

beaches  – for someone who loves the beach as much as i do, i visited one, about 3 years ago. there is something cathartic about a beach. how the waves seem to reflect your mood. it could calm you and take your sadness away with each ebbing wave or add to your happiness with lots of white and blue. 

sarees – i have always loved and been comfortable in a saree. even though, a self proclaimed tomboy, i readily made the exception for sarees. i find it more comfortable than jeans or kurtas. i have hit pause on my saree collection, considering i dont get to wear it as often as i want to  these days. but soon…

you – you are my happiness. always.