iam enough

the questions from come from a place of quiet,
the voices are loud, the noises deafen.
there’s so much to get done,
a smile here, a pause there, the right word, the right kind.
lost in this cacophony of life, how does my voice be heard?
not unhappy. not hurting.
not unsure. not fazed.
just lost. what am i worth?
am i worth what i ought to be?
am I where I ought to be?
how do you get it all done?
one task after another.
tick it off. mark it done.
am i doing what I ought to?
am I living what I ought to?
am I enough?
find the quiet.
there’s no one to save you but you.
what you are is first for you.
what they get is when you’re full.
find the quiet. find the voice.
all questions don’t have to be answered,
merely silenced. find the calm. find yourself
you are enough
you don’t have to be told twice.