how you can live the best and fulfilled life you always wanted

Blooming colorful flowers pattern background. by Nabi Tang for Stocksy Unitedyou know how most people have a “bucket list”?
i have a “i-wanna-be” list.

sure, i want to travel and do things before I die. but i want more to be more than just my day job and everyday life. because a typical “bucket list” are things that you do once in life. i am talking about a list that means living all the life you want to live, everyday you live.

you know how some part of you wants to be a blogger? that nagging part of you that wants to learn calligraphy? that’s what i talking about. how do we do that? all the things we want to do? all the people we want to be?

i was depressed for a good chunk of my life because i could not have the job and reach the work status i have now. so no, i am not taking about giving up a well paying job to backpack or live the boho life. (not that there is anything wrong with that)

so the question remains. how do we live the best life we want to? read on…

step 1: get a “life book”…

get yourself a tiny journal. nothing fancy. just something small and just for this. this is your life book.

this is where we write who we want to me. this is where we write what we want to do. this is where we write our dreams. a tiny little journal that will remind you time and again of your purpose and dreams.

take it from someone who spent a good chunk of her life depressed, the life book, will change your life.

if you are a bujo-ist like me, you know the drill.

step 2: the master list…

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it all starts here. free up the mind and write it all down. (i wrote my first draft, while waiting at the bank for paperwork)

it’s not going to be complete at first go but it’s a start. it’s the start.

the first 5 in my list

1. great handwriting script.

2. zero waste lifestyle (as much possible)

3.  volunteer at animal shelters.

4. listen to music all the time.

5. read books all the time.

before you label me bizarre and stop read further, let me explain.

i know music and books seem like hobbies that anyone could do or probably does but for me it was important.

all through my education, i read books. an average of 3-4 books a week during school and 1-2 a month during college. when i started working, i still read but the habit was rare. when i was young, i pictured myself as the nerd with music in my ears and a book in my hand, but somewhere that part of me, became a faded memory. see, this is what i am talking about. things that the younger you wanted to be but somehow missed out because of the rat race. 

step 3: this month, i am going to…

now that you have the master list; at the start of every month, visit your list and pick 5 things that you want to accomplish this month.

think and write things down that are achievable based on your life that month – is there a calligraphy class this month that you take?, are you travelling for work this month? could this mean that you could check off some other things from your list? 

list it out. make atleast 3/5 happen that month. 

believe, when i say; you will all always want it that way (wink wink)

step 4: recycle; rinse, repeat…

any ideas that did not get done this month can go back to the master list. you can revisit them when the time is right. you get my drift.

step 5: make it part of you…

Girl with red baloons by T-REX & Flower for Stocksy United

once you check something off your list for the month, the happiness you will get is so immense. you will get drunk on it. i did. the biggest aspect of keeping this up is to make it part of your life. once you have done something from your list; take the effort to make it part of your life. 

write your grocery list in calligraphy!
spend lunch with a book!
convert weekend drives to weekend hikes/walks with the pupper!
switch the TV off and play a board game with the family!

i know first hand what depression is. i am on mild medication everyday; by choice. as with any other mortal, i know what it is to work and burn out, be happy yet unsatisfied, have a great life yet have something missing. 

i assure you this works! it’s only been 60 days and 2 lists but i can already see myself be happier, calmer  (which is my biggest personal victory) and more productive in my day job!

make that list today, will you?

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