how to clean your coffee grinder

nothing worse than having your hand held burr-coffee grinder, smell of oily old beans when you want to cup and taste newer beans. after much experimentation, here’s something that worked for me! 

cleaning your coffee grinder

  • brush off the fine dust. the brush that came along with my C2 dint do the job so i got myself paint brushes that work perfectly and I don’t feel guilty about bending them out of shape
  • disassemble. make sure you know which part goes where.
  • use baking soda with a drop of water. rub onto all parts of the grinder that comes in contact with the coffee beans
  • wipe immediately with a dry paper towel. buff again with a clean paper towel
  • assemble
  • et voila, no more pesky oily residual coffee smell!!!

bonus tip

after every use, brush off the fine dust and immediately buff with a dry paper towel. if you are eco-conscious use a bamboo towel. cloth doesn’t work well for this. this gets rid of most of the smell do each cup has the aroma of the beans that you just ground!