happy mothers day… to me

Image result for mom with two boysyou made me a mother
even when i am not.
you made me a mother
even when i cant.

i put you before me
i dint know when or how.
you are already a part of me
even though you are not.

i am fierce with my love,
but goofy as they come.
i am better for you and myself.
even when you know it not.

i know i have missed a lot
i know i am not what you want
i know i caused you pain
i know i can never be what you want.

but understand me, my loves
understand my love.
it comes without a single word
a single hug or even a smile

my love comes with you being you
an emotion so unfathomable.
my love will bring you to me
my love will bind us all.

for all that i have hurt you,
i am sorry. i really am.
for all my love and more
please just like me back.

i promise to be your strength,
to stand by you, always.
to be your loudest applause
to be your forever friend.

i dream of all the memories
the ones will we make.
where we smile and laugh,
love and live. 

i dream of you in my arms
i long for the day, so bad.
when the past lies where it should,
and my love will win through it all.

i pray and pray, you will see me
see my love, feel my hug
i pray and pray, you will be mine.
and just once, call me amma. 

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