Happy Madras Week-Mask-Podunga

it’s not easy celebrating madras day with fear still looming at the back of our minds. nothing is easy. hasn’t been for a while now and “normal” is so far removed from our realities. instead of celebrating madras day with quizzes, heritage walks and food, it’s time to celebrate smaller victories of breather times that modern medicine has given us.

intha madras day la let’s please pledge to save namma madras from the effects of the pandemic.

mask podarathu mukkiyam thaan but also please dispose of it correctly 

  • disposable mask is not biodegradable. which means it is just like a plastic bag for the cows that graze the roads of madras.
  • dispose masks properly in dustbins only.
  • when disposing, cut the mask into two and cut off all the elastic ear loops before you throw it in the dustbin. this way there is zero chance of reuse.
  • spray sanitizer or disinfectant liquid on the used mask before disposing.
  • do not burn masks.
  • always carry an extra mask with you.

if you are in the smallest place of privilege offer masks to your house help, palakaar anna, iron pannara anna, kai vikkara akka, kuppai eduka vara anna, idiappam vikkara akka, newspaper podara thambi, vandi thodaika vara thatha. everyone. offer them one new mask every week. So they don’t just reuse the same one forever.

நம்மால் முடிஞ்சா சின்ன உதவி, நம்ம மெட்ராஸ் காக…