Happy Madras Week – Madras Auto

manik basha was right, madras auto madhri vera ethuvume illanga. the auto anna doesn’t differentiate or discriminate in the least. no matter what language you speak, the auto Anna will correct ah take you to that location. i have never felt unsafe in a Chennai auto. Pakka. Guarantee. and they always help you out with directions too.

They are the OG Google maps of madras.sure google makes your life easy but have you ever asked “anna intha address enga irukku?” (translation: brother where is this address?) to an autodriver here? autodriver will size you up in one glance and give you directions based on which category you fall into

*novice : “confuse aagatha, go straight last left, anga auto anna kitta kelu” (translation: go the said distance and ask another autodriver for further instructions)

*konjam theriyum : “globus theriyuma, athukku next left, third right, straight, last left.”

*advanved level : “parallel road to barnaby road madam”

எல்லாரும் கஷ்ட படர இந்த situation நம்ம ஆட்டோ அண்ணா and அக்காக்கு நம்ம என்ன help பண்ணலாம்?

*pay them what they ask*

don’t bargain please. atleast for the next few months.the situation has left them jobless for months. hike in fuel prices aren’t helping. we don’t bargain in Starbucks or in Max Fashion. We don’t ask Nykaa to reduce another 20rs. Why do it to them?

This Madras Week, let’s help the auto Annas and Akkas by paying them what they ask for.