getting a tattoo and the right after care

there was a time when a tattoo marked you – literally. it showed you belonged to a certain tribe, a certain family, a certain man. though tattoos still come with some discrimination, with every third person sporting one, it no longer has the shock factor.

getting the stencil in

pick the right tattoo parlor

I CAN NOT stress this enough. The right tattoo parlor not only guarantees you hygiene but you get a good tattoo too

hygiene is key! so dont go to a placed just for cheaper rates. a tattoo is forever so you ought to put some effort and moolah into to. 

unhygienic needles can give you anything from simple dermatitis to hepatitis to HIV. be warned. make sure the tattoo artist removes a fresh needle from the pack right on front of you. gloves, plastic sheets, wipes and the works are other factors to look for. 

Also note, when you go to reputed parlor, you can be assured of the quality of their ink. cheap ink can cause infections or even cancer. 

tattoo done!

pick the right tattoo

i am not the one to preach. a tattoo is just like any other choice a person makes. so get what you want. iam not even gonna warn you against getting names of people or rock bands on your skin. to each their own. but make sure you are absolutely sure what you want to get. chose a tattoo that works on your skin as well the location on your body. colors may not show up well enough on dusky skin, while a plan black tattoo might look too stark on fair skin. 

pick the right spot

it is mildly true that getting a tattoo on some parts of the body hurts more than others. but it’s also not true for many. i dint feel any difference and the pain of tattooing was waayyyyy below my threshold. but I have almost had broken fingers holding the hands of friends who got tattoos. understand your tolerance and start small. a tiny star or an alphabet is universal and can look decent without color or shading.

day 1 after getting a tattoo.


also be sensible. talk to your tattoo artist about the placement of your tattoo. You dont want the tiny nemo on your tummy to blow up to be a beluga whale when you get pregnant. sleeves and shoulders are great cuz you can cover it up for work.

dont pick at it

once your tattoo is done, your artist will typically give your instructions on after care. 

*mild soap for the next 1 week

*use Vaseline gel or a normal skin cream on top of the tattoo to help it heal

* dont use cosmetics, perfumes on the tattoo until healed. makes sense to avoid tanning products, lots of sun, swimming and jewelry, until healed.

day 5 after getting a tattoo. notice the scabs

*most importantly, DO NOT PICK at it. 

a tattoo is a cosmetic scar. but the body understands it as just a scar.

Scabs will form on top of your tattoo in an attempt to heal it.the body can’t get rid of the ink and hence the scab falls and the ink is left behind as your tattoo.

the tattoo is really itchy when it heals. dont itch or pick on the scabs. if you do so you will end up with a blotched looking tattoo.

a healed tattoo should be invisible to the if you close your eyes and  touch your skin, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference between tattooed and non-tattooed skin. thats the true mark of a well healed tattoo. 


completely healed tattoo!

pick the right eraser

a tattoo is a hard thing to regret. laser removal is your only option – this takes several   painful sittings to even fade out a simple design. if you have a large tattoo with shading, might as well wear your mistake with pride. 

also, laser removal costs a bomb. so if you really regret a tattoo, I would honestly suggest a coverup tattoo. there are many artists who specialize in cover up too. works cheaper and better!