Cold Beverages from Cothas Coffee

Enjoy the all new Cold Coffee Range from Cothas!!

A lovely coffee treat for this summer heat 🔆

Classic Cold Coffee : A cold coffee with the authentic South Indian flavour. Nothing but the finest cold coffee extract for purists.

Mocha Cold Coffee : Chocolate adds its popular richness to pure coffee extract.

Bon Bon Cold Coffee : Made with pure coffee extracts, tinged with the sought-after flavour of hazelnut.

Cold Coffee Peachers : A fresh and fruity cold coffee with hints of a sweet peach flavour and aroma. It contains 100% Pure Coffee Extracts with Natural Flavours. Relish these refreshing Cold Coffee Peachers and enjoy your happy time.

Cold Coffee Java Beri : A silky coffee shake with a tangy blueberry finish undertone. It contains 100% Pure Coffee Extracts with Natural Flavours. Relish this refreshing Cold Coffee Java Beri and enjoy your happy time.

Badam Milk : An Indian Classic that has been made better with the finest quality almonds and fresh whole cream milk.

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