Coffees of 2023 – Red Bourbon – Bloom x Balanoor

The Coffee

Estate : Balanoor Plantations
Roaster :  Bloom Coffee Roasters
Varietal :  Red Bourbon
Process : Washed

The Estate : MS Estate : Balanoor 

Balanoor Plantations & Industries Limited was incorporated in 1937, with the acquisition of tea & coffee estates from British planters in the 1930s. Balanoor group has come a long way since its inception. Production has increased five-fold and continues to expand with the adoption of modern technology in agricultural and manufacturing practices. Balanoor has diverse interests in Tea, Coffee and Rubber plantations, horticulture and real estate. We have always believed in providing quality products consistently with personalized attention. This is also a reason why we are able to develop a cordial relationship with our customers.  (1)

Amidst the rolling Sahyadri ranges of the Western Ghats, in the vicinity of Chickmagalur are the Coffee plantations belonging to Balanoor, extending over an area of 600 hectares. High elevation (900 to 1400 meters. MSL), copious rainfall (300 cm p.a.), rich deep soil and evergreen shade have helped nurture the coffees.
The company grows Arabica and Robusta coffee. Of the Arabica variety approximately 80 per cent is converted into washed coffee, called “Arabica Parchment”; and the remaining 20 per cent is prepared by the natural method and is referred to as “Cherry”. Of the Robusta Variety ? 65 per cent is washed coffee which is called “Robusta Parchment” and the rest is prepared as Robusta Cherry. Our annual production of coffee is around 500 Tons.

Arabica : Chennakkal, Vontekad, Bettadakumari, A Division
Robusta : Yelemadalu, Kotordie, Kogrie, Achuvan, MS Robusta
Arabica : Arabica SL 795, SL 9, Old Kent, Sachimore and Cauvery
Robusta : Old Robusta, Robusta C x R
Other Crops : Pepper(30T), Areca(40T), Cardamom and Vanilla (2)

The Roaster : Bloom Coffee Roasters

Bloom Coffee Roasters (BCR) was started in 2020 by Sharang Sharma, Shivansh Sharma and Tejasvi Verma in Chandigarh. They boast of being great lovers of coffee and wanting to bring their customers the finest coffee available in the most unpretentious way. Making great speciality coffee available to everyone, and making it accessible and fun is what they are working towards.(3)



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What i want to Remember

Coming off a hiatus, this coffee was just too good to be true. It was superbly berryish with a citrusy twang but the marmalade kind not the in your face citrus-sweet.  I thought the cup finished with an aftertaste of caramel. Full body, sharp acidity and a medium aftertaste.  For the life of me i cant detect any florals. Florals are the one thing that evade me. I even tried to imagine mallipoo while sipping the coffee but did not work. 
Neeraj of Zura had me try a 1:12 recipe which i found to be very similar to the earthiness that you would get in a Frenchpress. It made the coffee fuller, and more earthier. This coffee packs a punch. Light roast and those notes! The perfect wake-me-up cup! Iam glad i got this one before it sold out.