Coffees of 2022 : All the Roasters

*Coffees of 2022 : All the Roasters*

(presented in no specific order)

#1 : KapiKottai(click here)

Barista on Bike AKA Binny suggested that i visit this roaster a few blocks from home, who was roasting coffee on his OTG. Akshay showed me the whole process, but who undoubtedly charmed me was Bumbles – the amazing doggo and mascot of Kapikottai. Akshay is a musician who plays the Chitravainika and hence the raagams for the names of the coffee. However, he is under strict orders from regulars to never rename Mind=Blown and Curveball. OG Classics.  He’s now roasting on a Ailio Bulledt R1V2 which makes his coffee extra superbly awesome but he still drinks half the bag in the name of QC checks. ?

Coffees of 2022 : CurveBall, Mind = Blown both by Mooleh Manay, Bahar from Unakki Coffee Collective, Bushavali from MSP Coffee

#2 : Savorworks(click here)

Savorworks is a project and passion where our passion and love compels us to make coffee artisanally and carefully to maintain the original flavours from their origins. Our love for coffees comes from its power to connect people with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships  with the fantastic people behind our products. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product; one that doesn’t only tastes good but speaks for itself in the cups of our customers. And for that reason we work with farmers who share our passion for high quality speciality coffee. We soak in their experiences to understand from our farmers every step from farming, harvesting and processing  of coffee cherries. Through the journeys, we foster close and lasting relationships with whom we trust will take good care of the farms and their workers. Our sole motto is to make the coffee transparent and traceable so that the person serving the coffee is aware of the person who harvested the coffee. Nothing is left to chance. It is, quite simply, a more honest way of buying coffee. (1)

Coffees of 2022 : Ironborn from MSP Coffee

#3 : BlueTokai(click here)

BlueTokai, are indian specialty coffee roasters established in 2013 by Matt Chitharanjan, with cafes now across India. they have varied and lovely selection of coffees and have now also expanded to single origin easy pourover sachets. whether you drink specialty coffee or not, BlueTokai is a name that most cafe-frequents are familiar with. when I first started shifting towards specialty coffee, I was hesitant to try BT because I saw their coffee as part of the Koffee with Karan coffee hamper and assumed it would be too much for me. they had so much information on their pack – what’s with the varietals and processes and why are you sending me whole beans?! now I find comfort in that brown paper bag. it has every info I need and I can be assured of the best roast and handling of the beans. throughout this journey, my fondness for BT has grown just as much as they have. it’s not easy to firmly plant your roots and grow in a country that predominantly drinks tea or strong “kaapi”. it’s not easy to cater to Reddit-snobs while still serving coffees in their signature blue ceramics to the non-initiated. but BT has done it. BT stands strong as symbol of having understood what people need – coffee that they can enjoy, just as they want it.

Coffees of 2022 : Birthday Blend, Hoysala Estate. Ratnagiri M26, Ratnagiri H1, Riverdale Lot 12, Riverdale N72, Howdia Estate, Ram Estate Debut Series.

#4 : Veer Attikan aka Sangameshwar(click here)

Sangameshwar Coffee has come a long way in taking forward the vision of our beloved founder Shri. K.S.Vaidyanathan. The third generation  coffee planters of SCE are  Mr.S. Appadurai and Mrs Hamsini Appadurai. The duo work together as a team in managing pre and post-harvest requirements of the coffee grown at the estate

In 1886, the pioneer of the Billigiri Rangans, Randolph Hayton Morriss had a love affair with the Biligirirangan Hills. From the northern end of the Nilgiris, he could see a range of distant hills known to the general population. After being wooed by the beauty of Billigiri,  he slowly started bringing his family into open neighboring estates for them to explore and absorb the beauty of those hills.

In 1887, he obtained a sizable forest area from the Forest Department. Under harsh circumstances, he opened the first of his five estates, the Attikan in 1890, which is Greek for “grove of wild figs.” His undying love for the green hills made him bring his wife Mabel Oliver with him in 1891. Soon after, they had three beautiful children, a daughter and two sons.

His exploration of the green fields inculcated his routine life. One day, in 1985, on his usual rendezvous in the jungle, our hero was gored by a Bison. Although it took almost four days for the doctor to reach him by Bullock Cart, his determination which sowed the genes for the Attikan estate helped him recover.

His unparalleled dedication to exploring coffee paved the way for his recovery. Post survival, he ventured into Gold mining and lived till 1918, when he succumbed to pneumonia. His eldest son Eric came to India in 1914, and after serving commissions at the two world wars settled in Attikan with his two daughters Priscilla and Anthea. Anthea visited us in 2008 with the fondest of memories of her childhood at Attiki. Our charismatic Grandfather and our founder K S Vaidyanathan ventured into the hills and took over Attikan in 1958 with the same adventurous spirit. His vigour and love for the green beauty were always remembered and cherished by the people who knew him.

The estates spanning over 950 hectares are situated in altitudes ranging from 900 to 1650 MASL, The acreage is spread across pristine surroundings in Chikmagalur, Belur  and in The Billigiri Ranga Hills (BR Hills)

The estates comprise of both Arabica and Robusta varieties. The average annual yield is around 750 MT- comprising of 600MT Arabica and 150 MT Robusta. Each estate with their specialized wet mills are skilled in producing Special Washed , Honey Sun-dried and Natural Coffees. The specialty of Sangameshwar is their carefully processed Naturals. (2)

Coffees of 2022 : Veer, Jeeva

#5 : Ground Zero Coffee(click here)

The microroastery in Nasik was founded by Dhiraj Vijay Agrawal. Ground Zero is focused on improving lives through sustainable farming and fair trade practices between coffee farmers and coffee consumers.(3)

Coffees of 2022 : Nandipura (Salawara) Carbonic Maceration, Nandipura (salawara) yeast fermentation, Ratnagiri Ruby 36/3

#6 : Beachville(click here)

Beachville is owned and run by Divya Jaishankar along with Sandesh Reddy.  Divya started this Specialty Coffee Roastery-Cafe in 2018 and my first experience with them was ordering their Kelagur Heights Geisha during the peak of the pandemic. Beautiful cafe and lovely ambience, lovely pastries and food. also the have A SLAYER!!!!! enuf said (mic drop)

Coffees of 2022 : Gungegiri from Veer Attikan

#7 : Kokoro(click here)

KOKORO as the name sounds, is a Japanese word, one of the most beautiful words we know, but the meaning is undoubtedly more beautiful. In Japanese, there are three words for “heart”: Shinzo, which refers to the physical organ, ha-to, which is the anglicized word for a love heart, and KOKORO, which means…well, that’s more difficult to explain. Kokoro Coffee offers the best tools & techniques for all the coffee enthusiasts – novice as well as veterans. We satisfy your caffeine-junkie taste buds with the best coffee beans, curated & roasted with the utmost delicacy from the best coffee roasters of India. Amit Zorba is the founder of Kokoro (4)

Coffees of 2022 : Mattari & Kensho both from KDP

#8 : Harmakki (click here)

Prajwal of Harmakki Coffee grows coffee on his plantation – Sri Kesari Estate. He roasts and sells his coffee as “Harmakki” , named after a village of the same name in Mudigere, Chikmagalur. Sri Kesari Estate is located in Harmakki, a village In Mudigere, Chikmagalur District, Karnataka Is a lush green hilly region of the western ranges of ghats In karnataka , India.
A small plantation where the Inspiration of coffee to Mr. PRAJWAL (founder Harmakki) began a journey into the vast world of coffee beginning to go a great lenghts in the path of a new experience to the coffee lovers creating a platform to experience the coffees and various other bi-products of coffee. Prajwal is the first generation Specialty coffee worker in the family and working on the coffees we grow.
Harmakki was established In the year 2020 during the period of the pandemic by a motive to give the world an experience about the possibilities of coffee and reap the exclusiveness of a wonder that’s all over the world enjoyed In various forms and methods of brewing and kinds of choices by the people.(5)

Coffees of 2022 : All Robusta : The Seven Carts, Ben’s Brew, Ivory Coffee, Honey bee from St. Margaret

#9 : KC Roasters (click here)

KC Roasters by Koinonia are roasters and cafe in 2016, founded by Shanon D’Souza , Sidhartha Marchant, and Clement Sissia .  They offer delicious single origin coffee, food and healthy snacks.

Coffees of 2022 : Blue Moon’s Flight, The Cicada’s Song, The Plum Headed Parakeet’s Chatter (Anaikadu)

#10 : Rossette Coffee (click here)

Specialty coffee roasters from Delhi. Started by Vansh Anand and friends. They have a full selection of freshly roasted coffee, they also consult and train

Coffees of 2022 : Hunkal Heights Robusta, Kudiraipanjan SLN795

#11 : Tramways (click here)

Tramways is what happens when two coffee-loving introverts collide.
In 2019, Sonali and Devansh were on two wildly different paths, but onlya few cups away from discovering their common love for coffee (andeach other). She was dodging arranged marriage proposals, and he was mulling over his next career move. But the universe had its own plans for them.
Sonali soon started her own specialty coffee shop Potboiler, andDevansh started drinking his coffee there— before eventually gettingbehind the counter as a part-time barista.
Over a hundred cups and conversations, they realised they both enjoyedcoffee two entirely different ways. They also realised third-wave coffeehad become prescriptive, and intimidating.
So while coffee and love quietly brewed between them, so did a shareddream.
Firm believers that coffee is meant to be savoured however you like—they started Tramways: a line of transportive brews that let you enjoycoffee at your own pace.

What is Tramways : We’ve always believed a good cup of coffee can be madea hundred different ways. So we threw out the rulebooks,the jargon and the jazz; took everything we loved aboutspecialty coffee and made it easy for you to enjoy, at yourown pace.
With Tramways, each cup is a path to a moment, a mood,a memory of your choice—a promise to transport youwherever you’d like to go. Come experience this journeywith us, as we bring to you coffees from across India thatare ethically sourced, direct from the farmers & roastedwith the care and precision every coffee deserves!
We aren’t here to preach one way to brew your coffee,instead, we want to make this journey yours, so that youcan brew to pause & pause to brew! (6)

Coffees of 2022 : Fuzzy Brain from MSP Coffee; Endless Summer from Salawara

#12: Dark Secret Society (click here)

Set in Joldal, Palya in Chikmagalur district, Unakki Coffee Collective was born out of a passion for Indian coffee and elevating the processes that coffee producers indulge in. The name ‘Unakki’ derives from ‘den of snakes’ which has been a part of the region for more than 400 years and is worshipped by the local community. The name is also an ode to their coffee community which has stayed strong and withheld all kinds of climate changes.

The collective was started by Kathyayini Muddiah and Rakhee Vishwanath who have backgrounds in Architecture and Software, respectively, and strive to highlight the work done by smaller farmers and celebrate specialty coffee. They also help the producers with timelines, pulping coffee, picking cherries, and more. The biggest challenge they faced was drying the coffee and maintaining its quality because of drastic changes in climatic conditions.

After quitting their corporate jobs in the Covid-19 lockdown, they began researching how specialty coffee is grown and processed internationally, which prompted them to implement the same in India, to empower neighbouring small-holding coffee farms. The first harvest that they worked on was done using basic specialty practices which was bought by us to support the work that Unakki does. They follow a similar co-op model to how coffees are produced and sold in Costa Rica and most African coffee-producing countries. This model aims at ensuring a sustainable income for smaller producers who wouldn’t usually have access to specialty processing opportunities.

The three estates from where the coffee cherries hail provide a welcoming habitat for a number of birds, animals and plants. The farms also grow other crops like orange, lemon, jackfruit, banana, soapberry and pepper. (7) (8) (9)

Coffee Collectives arent the norm in the India! But two amazing women have done it and how!! Who run the world?!!

Coffees of 2022 : Pulped Fiction

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