Coffees of 2021 : Seethargundu Estate

the coffee

? : seethargundu estate, palakkad, kerala
☕️ : @bluetokaicoffee
? : SLN9
⚙️ : washed

the estate : seethargundu

Seethargundu Estate is situated in the Nelliyampathy Hills region of the Palakkad district in Kerala, and is just one of two Demeter-certified biodynamic coffee estates in the world. The organic farm grows crops like tea, oranges, pepper and vanilla along with Arabica. We are very proud to partner with Seethargundu Estate which has been described as an exemplary showcase of a comprehensive organic project. The farm ensures that all of its various initiatives, such as organic animal husbandry, plant production, landscaping, water supply and its use of biodynamic processes meet the highest organic qualifications. Seethargundu Estate grows Selection 9 Arabica coffees that are handpicked and processed on site using washed, natural and semi-washed methods. These coffees are planted under a double canopy of shade.(1)

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the roaster : bluetokai

BlueTokai, are indian specialty coffee roasters established in 2013 by Matt Chitharanjan, with cafes now across India. they have varied and lovely selection of coffees and have now also expanded to single origin easy pourover sachets.

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