Coffees of 2021 : KDP Chickoo Fermented (naturals)

the coffee

☕️ : @bloomcoffeeroastersindia
🌱 : @kalledevarapuracoffee
📌 : SLN795
⚙️ : fruit fermentation- chickoo

the estate : kalledeverapura

The lush estate is situated at an altitude of around 4400 feet above sea level in the picturesque Bababudangiri Hills in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Kalledeverapura grows selection 795 which is bird friendly and shade grown since the estate is covered with Jack Fruit, Fig, and Silver Oak trees. The temperature in this region ranges from 12-32°C with the harvest taking place from January to March.(1)

Kalledevarapura has some of the best shade among all Indian coffee farms. Unusually low rainfall also contributes to superior beans, many of which have won Flavor of India/Fine Cup awards (the Indian equivalent to Cup of Excellence).
D.S. Shankar’s family has been growing coffee here for four generations. Our long relationship with this family enables us to secure both unusual microlots as well as hard to secure ones (i.e. Selection 9 beans). His family also owns Harley Estate, which his brother D.M. Purnesh runs (2)

the roaster : bloom coffee

Bloom Coffee Roasters (BCR) was started in 2020 by Sharang Sharma, Shivansh Sharma and Tejasvi Verma in Chandigarh.

They are specialty coffee roasters who do great work and have the sweetest initiative called Co-Ffreeew(3)

what i want to remember

i remember when @bloomcoffeeroastersindia put out a post for this coffee and they mentioned “a whole lot of funky”.
that’s exactly what this coffee is.
chickoo fermented which if i hadn’t known i would have marked as an earthy sweetness that hits you when you open the pack. the aroma is there.
hella lotta funky too. can’t quite put your finger on it but it’s a good delicious cup of coffee.
tastes nicer as an iced pour over or when brewed at temps slightly lower than normal. it’s like the coffee slows down it’s funkiness for it. it’s good.
big big thank you to @shravands for answering my questions and being patient and sweet about it.
@bloomcoffeeroastersindia you guys always have my heart with the sticker packaging!

source : 1, 2, 3