Coffees of 2021 : KDP 795 Yeast Naturals

the coffee

☕️ : @thebeanrove ; @shravands
🌱 : @kalledevarapuracoffee
📌 : SLN 795
⚙️ : Yeast Fermentation Naturals

Using yeasts which are naturally occurring in the midst of the plantation, the coffee berries with a minimum BRIX sugar reading of 24, were macerated in an air tight container along with the wild yeast(5)

the estate : kalledeverapura

The lush estate is situated at an altitude of around 4400 feet above sea level in the picturesque Bababudangiri Hills in Chikmagalur, Karnataka. Kalledeverapura grows selection 795 which is bird friendly and shade grown since the estate is covered with Jack Fruit, Fig, and Silver Oak trees. The temperature in this region ranges from 12-32°C with the harvest taking place from January to March.(1) Kalledevarapura has some of the best shade among all Indian coffee farms. Unusually low rainfall also contributes to superior beans, many of which have won Flavor of India/Fine Cup awards (the Indian equivalent to Cup of Excellence). D.S. Shankar’s family has been growing coffee here for four generations. Our long relationship with this family enables us to secure both unusual microlots as well as hard to secure ones (i.e. Selection 9 beans). His family also owns Harley Estate, which his brother D.M. Purnesh runs (2)

the roaster : the bean rove


Beanrove is so much more than a roastery, it’s an end to end solution to small-scale farmers who lack the expertise to reach the market. Besides having some of the best single-estate coffees, they are all in for maintaining transparency with the farmers. They aim to make good traceable coffees understandable and accessible to everyone.(3)

  Shravan DS : An Honour’s Coffee Masters Student from Italy, SCA, and Canadian Barista Academy certified Barista, SCA trained roaster, Scentone Certified Cupper, Winner of the WORLDWIDE ILLY CAFE –“BEST COFFEE STUDENT” award, Italy and a proud family member of India’s leading specialty single estate brand – “Kalledevarapura Estate”. Currently, he is the founder and Managing Partner of Beanrove LLP, a micro coffee roastery and coffee training center based in Bangalore, India. His bright energy coupled with entrepreneurial flairs adds great value to the coffee community, as he continues his 14-year global coffee journey across the coffee value chain.(4)    

what i want to remember

the first thing i would want to remember is the child-like, friendly and honest conversations with Shravan. He’s very sweet and loves to talk about and share his lovely coffee. anything KDP, please feel free to DM him on Instagram.

like all of the beans from beanrove, this bag comes without tasting notes. this excites me so much because what ever I type below this paragraph is unbiased and could be entirely wrong too! 

the coffee is very unlike traditional 795. the aroma and fragrance is like a subtle chandragiri. 
cupping brings out muted berries with zero bitterness. not very heavy bodied and the aftertaste is mild and pleasant. it’s got a earthy, mild smoked- karupatti flavour.  the  hint of smoked flavour is seen while cupping but not as pour over .

this coffee is light (bodied, muted berry notes) and dense (earthy, karupatti) at the same time. makes for a wonderful cup both hot and iced. consistent throughout and even after it cools. a winner for sure  

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