Coffees of 2021 : Fruits Bombs by Savorworks

the coffee

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the roaster : savorworks

Savorworks is a project and passion where our passion and love compels us to make coffee artisanally and carefully to maintain the original flavours from their origins. Our love for coffees comes from its power to connect people with a shared interest and goal. Our aim is to strengthen this connection by sharing our stories and relationships  with the fantastic people behind our products. We are dedicated to delivering a quality product; one that doesn’t only tastes good but speaks for itself in the cups of our customers. And for that reason we work with farmers who share our passion for high quality speciality coffee. We soak in their experiences to understand from our farmers every step from farming, harvesting and processing  of coffee cherries. Through the journeys, we foster close and lasting relationships with whom we trust will take good care of the farms and their workers. Our sole motto is to make the coffee transparent and traceable so that the person serving the coffee is aware of the person who harvested the coffee. Nothing is left to chance. It is, quite simply, a more honest way of buying coffee. (1)

the plantation : MSP 

Our story began in the 1920’s when the illustrious MSP family migrated to the Shevaroys from a small, dry, southern town in Tamil Nadu, India.  It was then that our forefather, MSP Senthikumar Nadar, started trading in coffee, cardamom and other spices like many others at that time.  These products were bought from Kerala and other hill areas, dried and sold to various companies such as Pierce Leslie, Shaw Wallace & Co, Parry & Co, T Stanes & Co.  Subsequently his son, MSP Nadar, expanded the business from Tamil Nadu to include Karnataka and Kerala as well.

Their honesty, hard work and commitment to keep their word despite market fluctuations earned them the respect and appreciation of their community and business partners alike.  In the course of their travels, they purchased valuable plantations from the European community who owned most of the plantations at the time.

By 1960, Mr. MSP Rajes, the elder son of MSP Nadar, successfully expanded the plantations to cover over 3000 acres in Tamilnadu, Kerala and Karnataka and established a very successful coffee curing unit called MSP Nadar Works in Salem.  He also established an export company called Hill Tiller & Co which went on to become India’s largest coffee exporter for over three decades.

Today the fourth and fifth generation of the MSP family run the plantations under the astute management of Mr. Mohan Rajes, son of MSP Rajes.(2)

the estate : stanmore 

what i want to remember 

paaji’s USP is about “cherry picking” the right coffee and serving it to you just right.  mrs.savorworks has rebranded and elevated their game with the stellar new packaging. add to this that paaji works constantly on all aspects of coffee – right down to texting people after EVERY order and asking for their feedback. this ensures you have a complete coffee experience every single time you order from savorworks. 

fruits bomb is a straight up fruity coffee with very mild hints of wine. superbly balanced, low on acidity. cup that i have zero complaints of. leaves you with a sweet aftertaste, similar to the one after you have had nellikai/amla though more berry-sweet than sweet and shorter lived. 

if there’s once coffee you want to order for zero complaints and be assured that you will be definitely be happy with,  first brew to last, fruits bomb from savorworks is on top of that list. 

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