Coffees of 2020 : Red Honey : KC Roasters by Koinonia

KC Roasters by Koinonia are roasters and cafe in 2016, founded by Shanon D’Souza , Sidhartha Marchant, and Clement Sissia .  They offer delicious single origin coffee, food and healthy snacks. 

red honey by kelagur heights

From KC Roaster about Red Honey

Playful hint of sweet spices with the fruitiness of Guava combines with a sweet caramel taste in one of our best medium roast coffee.
The name comes from this coffee’s cherries and the way the coffee bean is processed. Coffee cherries are picked when they’re fully red in colour (separating them from the yellow, unripe cherries). The cherries are then washed and each coffee bean is shade processed. Shade processing slows down the drying time, resulting in higher fermentation of the beans giving this coffee a sweeter taste (almost like adding a drop of honey) making it one of our best medium roast coffees.
Region: Chikmaglur, Karnataka
Process: Honey Sun-dried
Altitude: 3500 Feet 
Best with: Moka Pot, Pour Over, AeroPress, Espresso, Electric Brewer
Cupper’s Notes: Guava, Caramel, & Sweet Spices

what i want to remember 

i truly liked this coffee. and iam ecstatic about the fact that i can honestly identify a taste note mentioned on the pack. well almost. the aroma reminded me of pandrooti. a tiny village in tamilnadu, where my roots lie. we havent lived their for 4 generations but we have our family diety there and visit occasionally. now pandrooti, apart from cashews, is famous for it’s red guava. most of pandrooti is perfumed with a tinge of that guava which is what this coffee was to me. but also like someone stuck some cinnamon into the guava.
BUT, i found this difficult to brew. it’s a little too light for  pourover, so i did an inverted AP. of the 3 cups i made only one tasted perfect. the flavours are layered a little too complex for me to get it right even with the same recipe. so iam probably going to finish this pack just trying to hit the recipe right. but this is one luscious cup.

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Roaster : KC Roasters by Koinonia
Estate : Kelagur Heights Coffee


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