Coffees of 2020 : Ratnagiri Catuai : Curious Life

Curious Life Coffee Roasters and Cafe was established in 2015 by Neeraj Sheoran who was joined shortly by Manu Singh and Jacob

ratnagiri catuai

From CuriousLife about Ratnagiri Catuai:

Ratnagiri has produced some surprisingly very clean and high scoring washed coffees and for first time we bring you this Catuai varietal as a filter roast. We have been able to achieve 85 plus scores for washed coffees from Ratnagiri Estate. What made all the difference was careful picking, double sorting the cherries with optimum Brix readings and a meticulous processing thereafter. This coffee was pulped and fermented for 24 hours in anaerobic tanks before fully washing and soaking it for second time. Thereafter it was dried on raised beds under shade till optimum moisture level was reached. Result is a flavourful cup full of sweet berries and floral aromatics.

what i want to remember 

iam going to be honest and say this coffee stumped me.
there are fruits – something super fruity and sugary. but as a newbie, i can’t taste it outright.
know those candies with a sour centre? the sour that you only get a hint of; coated, surrounded by the sugar in the candy?
this coffee was that.
some heavy duty earthy coffee with a hint of saccharine sweet fruits somewhere in the middle.

another reason why Curious Life is awesome!

Roaster : Curious Life Coffee Roasters
Estate : Ratnagiri Estate

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