coffee @ work : experiment #3

Coffee @ Work

This is my quest to  enjoy a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee at work without the hassle of the elaborate  setup as at home!!
there are so many misses, many more surprises and a few success on this mission!!
so tag along on the crazy-train. Destination : One Hot Delicious Cup of Specialty Coffee!!

Experiment # 3 : French Press

One of the best methods however cleanup is a HUGE headache when you are at work!


  • what‘s not to like about freshly pressed coffee. 
  • choice of carrying ground beans or grinding them freshly right before brewing


  • Clean up is a pain!!
  • Work spaces rarely allow for “wet waste” esp used up coffee ground. So major con about the disposal of the used grounds. 
  • Second most of important con was the clean up of the FP itself. It’s glass and cleaning it in the office washroom basin doesn’t make sense


  • Nope. Iam guessing the same goes for an AP too. I too have travelled with the FP. My AP-Go travels with me almost everywhere. But when it comes to a shared work space and a “wet waste” dustbin, it doesn’t seem practical for work. That’s all. 



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