coffee @ work : experiment #2

Coffee @ Work

This is my quest to  enjoy a freshly brewed cup of specialty coffee at work without the hassle of the elaborate  setup as at home!!
there are so many misses, many more surprises and a few success on this mission!!
so tag along on the crazy-train. Destination : One Hot Delicious Cup of Specialty Coffee!!

Experiment # 2 : Brew Bags

One of the best methods yet! absolutely hassle free!


  • Works with all types of coffee.
  • There are prepacked specialty coffee that saves you the time and effort of grinding the beans
  • Or you can just get brew bags for your own blend, if that’s your thing. 
  • Disposal is a dream because the coffee stays in the bag


  • The coffee obviously doesnt taste fresh-ish. 
  • You might have to bypass to tone it down. 
  • It’s more frenchpress-y than a pourover, if you get my drift. 

Some of my Recommendations (in no specific order)

  • Something’s Brewing Brew Bags : These are my go to. They are just bags that you can fill up with your ground coffee. So i love the convenience of it. Package is super cute, sleek as its just the bags. click here to buy
  • Blue Tokai Easy Pour : Brilliant bags. So many estates. Nitrogen flushed. Individually packed. All the goodness click here to buy
  • El Bueno Drip Bags : In house blend. Only one choice for now. click here to buy
  • Classic Coffee : The OG. Good Selection if you want something that you are going to cut with milk. click here to buy
  • Note : I  love the Wobh Bags that i do use at home. Again, a very french-pressy coffee minus the oils because of the cloth. Its just not on the list here because it requires cleaning which is not convenient at work. If you want to want to explore that option for home-brewing, click here to buy

Stay Tuned for More Madness…