coffee tricks : reduce static while grinding beans

i think i saw this first on the James Hoffman’s channel. ever since i got the C2, i have been trying this out in various modes.

trial 1 : dipping the brush into water and swirling it into the beans before grinding

the issue was that this helped only sometimes. this coated the beans very unevenly. Also this got some water onto the sides of the lower chamber which messed up the ground coffee.

trial 2 : spraying of water

this worked. even coating. BUT the spray bottle you used mattered a LOT. if it sprayed a LOT then it ruined the whole thing. this pen spray from Amazon worked wonders. it sprayed the right amount when held a little distance away from the beans.
works like a charm. especially if you grind washed beans with chaff

what method do you use do reduce static? do you even bother with it?