where do you “just be”?

#morningcoffee on this balcony hits different.
yes, that’s #instantcoffee.
no, iam not sorry. don’t be a #coffeesnob

it’s so easy to lose yourself in this world. there’s just too much going on. there’s are so many races that we run each day. so many people, so many relationships, so many things to remember, so many things to forget, oh the endless to-do lists! #habittracker that track our every day. showers and #lunchwiththegirls that become #selfcare.

finding the time to read, that long lost hobby, finding time to talk and connect with your partner, child, person. #makingtime #makingmemories and clicking a million pictures, more for #picstagram than to look back on.
when does the mind ever rest? just not be.

mornings on this balcony are that for me.
the neem tree covers neighbours window so I don’t have to make small talk.
the balcony, because of the biscuits is open to the clever crows, naughty squirrels and the confused lone cuckoo. there’s Z joining me occasionally more to chase away the birds and sneak in some of the buiscuit loot than love for me.
while the water for my coffee boils, I usually light up incense. more aromatherapy than spiritual. the distinct aroma wafts through from my room while i enjoy this time on my balcony.
and I just be. void of thought. not even self care. not thought about anything. just be.

i haven’t found this anywhere else except this balcony.
that’s why in my dream home iam going to focus on my balcony first. a place where I don’t need to, want to, have to think.

a space where I can just be