what’s my niche?

i blogged as a frog before being a ponnu. i blogged because that’s what kids of the 90s did. i made decent money with the blogging, affiliate marketing, content writing and the jazz. circumstances and i had to give it up. starting from scratch was different because by then there were newer apps and trends to keep track off.
what’s your niche? they ask you. pick one and work on that. use hashtags,network the right way, provide value, bite the influenza virus and make a mark.

most successful content creators do so by also working full time at a job that sometimes has no connection with whatever they do/portray on social media.

“the numbers game is hard enough in real life. i don’t want to bring it to social media” – i tell myself. but then i realise many do the social media gig full time, work so hard at it and make it work too.

to me social media isn’t about staying relevant. believe me when I say, other than food, coffee and some saree posts – everything else on Instagram or YouTube is so far away from the reality of my daily life.

to me social media is an escape. like fiction.

i create whatever content i do because it’s fun – for me. nothing like a reel that you spent an hour editing getting the lowest views ever to bring humility back into the picture.
two of the most fantastic coffees of 2021 were consumed without being advertised on reels and blog posts because life took precedence.

it’s not about joy, happiness, money or fame.
it’s about peace.

ludicrous to assume everything you see, hear and consume isn’t curated or targetted but “what can you do?” stay within the scope of what feels safe to you and do what gives you peace.

so what’s my niche?
iam a content consumer.

iam envious of artists, supremely fond of food-artists, love that i can learn to brew coffee and invest in stocks from the same reels section, add more titles to my never ending list from bookstagram, make great friends, belly laugh at precocious kids and funny doggos.

i share snippets of my life because this is like a memory box. a space to get my thoughts and words out.

a space that says iam significant just as much as it reminds me that iam but a speck of dust.