what hannah said…

that amazing feeling,
the validation of a belief.
that you were right,
while someone else was not.

but for the very first time,
she told me i was right.
i was right that they were wrong,
but i was wrong to take it forward.

my tears have never given me such relief,
oh where were you, when i was lost?!

i rot my body, my mind and world,
with anger.
an anger that only grew,
with every tiny validation and not.
an anger that so became a part of me.
an anger that became me.

spent years with the weed,
growing through every crack and pore.
until anger was all i knew,
even when i knew not why.

she said van gogh drew
bright yellow flowers,for,
he had a brother, who stood by it all.

that is what i sought.
i sought but never gave
i never gave because i got.

i am slowing finding my peace,
so your words came at the right time.
rain drops through a leaky roof,
just as beautiful. just as wet.

i wanted to write something after having watched “nanette” by hannah gadsby. something, anything. just so i’d know to come back and remind myself of the greatness that were her words.
ugly if may be, hope this will serve as a bookmark for a very special page of my life.
thank you, hannah.