WFNH : Work from Not-Home


i have worked from home (mostly) for years. the OG WFH. much before the pandemic forced us home.
it was stifling. four walls and no real contact. it was tough. i got to be with Z, laze off and work at my pace. but for someone who thrived on being a workaholic, this was hard.
could not work from cafés given the work situation and that i required high speed LAN connection.

my saree collection hibernated and so did my productivity.
and when I could go back to work, the pandemic struck and kept me within the confines of hospitals (for work) and home.

recently i have taken every opportunity to step out and work from cafés. sometimes i have even packed off to the co-working space right across from home for a change of space.

that’s the thing about the pandemic. mushrooming of very lovely Co-working spaces and a lot of cafés that have comfortable seating.

each time i stepped out, I got more done in a few hours than the whole week I was home.

the cafe is noisy, chockablock with the tantalising aroma of food and coffee, the shy first-date conversations that you can’t help overhear, the boisterously loud laughs of friends catching up after a long time. and yet the fingers never lifted off the keyboard expect to pop food into my mouth.

iam not making something off this. there’s no lesson or productivity hack here.
just a slice of my life to look back on.