the onion conundrum

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*love* onions. being indian there’s probably onions in 2/3 meals that i eat in a day. but let’s put all facts on the table. i dont mean caramelised onions or the ones that are blitzed into a curry. 

*love*  eating onions as onions. i love to eat thick raw slices in my sandwich. always nod my head for my more slices in my sub. best of all? i love eating raw onions with chicken fry, tikka etc.

know those little side of onion with spirtz of lemon is served as an accompaniment in most indian restaurants? they are usually pre-soaked in vinegar or brine to get most of the bite out. hmpf! 

what’s the point of onion slices if they dont taste like freshly diced-sulphur-oozing onion slices?

i try to feed the onion-monster in me when i am sure i am going to be at home. no shopping plans, no meeting up with friends or even the casual trip to the supermarket. its then that i eat my onion with gusto and give no fudges.

but on regular days, when all i crave is the crisp in my sandwich, i am left to opt out. (not as much social norms as the inadvertent exorcism you see). i am ocd with mints, listerine and have even tried chewing on coriander leaves (pinterest reco) but they only work momentarily.

on the best of days, given the choice between crispy onions and meetings with clients to make the money to buy said onions, i go with the latter. dont even get me started on saliva exchange. (cant live with them, cant live without them – works both ways – onions and men!)

it may sound strange. i am not even sure if there are others like me in the world but ask me what my favourite vegetable is and i am probably gonna say *onion* (sighhhhh)

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