The Old Mirchi Biryani | Saapadu in Chennai

The Old Mirchi Biryani, has an outlet in Thuraipakkam, Chennai. However I have never visited them. They make ordering food over WhatsApp super easy and convenient and so that’s what I have been doing.

i have ordered from them MULTIPLE times and I have ZERO complaints. Packed in leak proof black plastic dabbas that I reuse like a good tamil ponnu. 

the biryani is AMAZING. authentic hyderabadi  style biryani that is moist, delicious and just the right level of spicy. highly recommend their andra chicken. i have heard their chicken mayonnaise is awesome too. but iam yet to try. 

check out their Instagram page for more. – ORDER FROM THE OLD MIRCHI BIRYANI and you can thank me by naming your first born after me.