the incredible story of how I brewed my own coffee from green beans — all thanks to @baristaonbike

some green beans found their way to my home. a sack of sad looking beans. most were broken, irregularly shaped and dusty.
over casual conversation, i send a picture to @baristaonbike Binny and asked him what he made of it. i told him i roasted some and that the brew tasted like mud-water.
the coffee genius that he is (he really is, just that he sometimes stirs his coffee with sticks and is unnecessarily modest), binny suggested that i experiment.
my scientific curiosity piqued. i was excited to try out binny’s instructions but what sealed the deal for me were his comments about the result of the experiment
“what’s there to lose? you either get an amazing bean or you have had a nice experiment!”
done! say no more!!! (until 2 weeks later cuz, work kept me busy)
so here’s how it went.

i spent a good measure of my time picking the good beans from that sack. thank you, Netflix for the company.

researcher notes: the beans have no smell,are dusty to touch but otherwise uncharacteristic

binny suggested pineapple or something citrus. the pineapple i got was super sweet and juicy so i ate it. got some equally sweet tasting oranges and juiced em for step 2.

researcher notes: binny told me to marinate for a day without letting it ferment. the marinade smelt delicious and citrusy even after 24 hours. i am excited for this coffee! (also planned ahead like the proverbial milkmaid about patenting this orangy-coffee)

god and this unforgiving heat of Chennai stand witness to the fight i put up while drying these soaked beans for 3 days

crows and pigeons dont eat coffee beans but boy do they like to kick around the beans for fun. also cats. argh! lost so much of my beans this way.

researcher notes: i tell binny — pigeons are eating my beans. he says cool, take pics!! sir you come and deal with scary pigeons and take pics. no, i am more interested in saving my beans.

i put up smaller batches in different seives so as to save some from the crows. dint want all my beans in one basket(thank you Warren Buffett for the life lesson)

researcher notes: i have more green beans with me, but i dont want to go back and get more oranges, soak.em and make more. i am thinking variables like different oranges = different taste but mostly i am impatient about doing this again. so its me vs the birds for the next 2 days. i won. sorta.

some more pics, cuz that’s what us millenials do.

researcher notes:the sun dried beans looked pruny and smelt like pickle. i am still hopeful about the patent because that who i am. impatient yes but hopeful also.

binny said roast until second crack. dude, i smelt it before i could hear anything. burn one batch, on with the next.

researcher notes: if you are roasting at home, dont use nonstick.that thing heats up so fast and so unevenly

so finally i grind the beans and Frenchpress it. 12g for 200ml.
verdict : dint taste or smell even remotely like coffee. ?????
but in the words of the wise binny aka baristaonbike…

“green beans to that cup of orange crap”

doesn’t matter that the brew dint taste good, i am so proud of myself of doing the whole process myself. mad respect for all the roasteries who send me delicious beans, to every person who’s involved in every step of the way!

thank you so much binny, this experiment has opened up world of possibilities for me!!
find binny via the links down below.
instagram : baristaonbike
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