the honest coffee review – what you need to know about deccan coffee – slash

packaging: pretty generic white plastic packaging. however i loved that they added a flavor wheel card along with a dedicated cupping card for SLASH.ย (i am reserving that for when i get much better with coffee)

acidity:ย this is a city roast and hence it’s medium on the acidity.

aroma: ย there is an earthy aroma that goes with the taste of slash.

body: slash has a medium body with a silky texture that’s perfect for the morning cuppa.

flavor: slash has mild berry flavor that i love. it’s like a little wine in the morning! what can get better!! ๐Ÿ˜›

aftertaste: doesn’t coat the tongue and it’s super clean.ย 

the coffee:ย slash is a great morning cuppa. strong enough to wake you up, yet has a great flavor profile that makes it interesting.ย 

slash as a cold brew was really strong. i expected the berry/winey flavors to pop but that was not the case. my only complaint with deccan coffee is that their packaging is too large. sampler packs would be great!

overall rating: 80%


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