The Drip Coffee Machine | #1 Water

Having a drip machine at work has been game changing. I love that I can drink good coffee and that my room would mostly smell of fresh coffee grounds.

But the machine also comes with its limitations when you brew specialty coffee.

If you get the snobbery down to level where you are okay to brew specialty coffee on a drip machine, there are still so many factors to consider.

First up is water.

The water that you use matters. this machine is such a hassle to clean so it’s very important to use water that doesn’t cause scaling.

I personally use Zura’s Mgic Potion. This helps prevents scaling and also makes the coffee taste so much better. 

There is also no controlling the temperature. The water is just straight up boiling. But this hasn’t scalded the coffee per se because it cools significantly before hitting the grounds.

You also can’t put the machine on a weight scale. The marked levels help but not to a great extent. If you are pouring in measured amounts of water, make sure to add in about 5-10ml extra. The water just evaporates and condenses into the machine rather than get on the grounds. So your ratio will be a tad off.



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