south indian filter experiment : honey’d by kapi kottai

honey, i messed up the coffee.
or maybe not.

the south indian filter has always been about coffee that is rich, dark, delicious and soul satisfying.
sounds like an indian matrimonial ad that would ask for a fair, white glass of milk with traditional values!

but having recently rediscovered this beauty, i was not happy that #pourovers meant lovely coffee that showcased the best of flavor notes and that the #aeropress was about convenience and experimentation.

so i did this. made a decoction using something that was NOT a washed coffee.

used the honey’d by @kapikottai from cuz I know how it tastes and I could bypass the “decoction” the right amount.

results?! scroll down to see
but i will save you the trouble and say it was bad.
still drank it though cuz i felt so bad about wasting 20g of good coffee. ?

have to tweak all variables one by one, until i get it right.
cuz, iam not giving up until iam absolutely certain without a shadow of a doubt that the south indian filter can only make “rajnikanth”.