random acts of kindness

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dog eat dog is a privilege. today is the time of man-eat-anything-to-survive. if its doesnt get us likes, hikes or a promotion, we spend the least amount of time and energy on it. 
c’est truly la vie. 

it was just another regular weekend when i put up an insta-story asking the people of chennai for some leads on decoupage paper. i receive a DM from a stranger who says she would like to ship me some japanese decoupage napkins that she just happens to have lying around. 
not wanting to jump the gun, i asked her much they would be and she surprised me by saying that she wanted to send them for free – spreading some love and joy!!!
get this : she was sending them to me from singapore!!! 

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ms. suma shenoy brought the best kind of happiness in my life : the unexpected random acts of kindness! i will smile everytime i use those those decoupage papers, with the joyous affirmation that there is still such kindness out in the world! thank you so much suma! 🙂 🙂 🙂

when was the last time you did something like this? buy a pack of biscuits just to feed the little doggy on your street? buy some random kid a balloon and make his day?

i am also aware of the blowback i might get on this. we live in a world that makes us question the intention behind every simple act! there could repercussions if some random guy wanted to buy your child a balloon. 
scary times? yes. but that also means time for kindness.

be the man who buys his wife a slice of cake when she is feeling blue!
be the dad who allows his kid a sudden indulgence of oreo cookies!
be the colleague who genuinely makes someone’s day by complimenting their work!
be the stranger who leaves a kind remark on someone’s social media post.

happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light…

albus dumbledore

he had a point. look for an opportunity to make someone’s day. be kind. 
the world needs such kindness today. 

some images of the beautiful decoupage napkins from suma! go on, make someone happy today, just like suma did! 🙂 

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