not when iam with my coffee

iam making a conscious effort.
every coffee i make, i strive to be 100% there. even if it’s as simple as adding cubed ice to an already prepared cold brew concentrate.

most coffee lovers liken the art of brewing to being zen like, meditative, their own thought space or mind palace if you are a Holmes buff

mine, like most, was too.
it isn’t easy though.
when the news is on.
when stories and posts scream for help.
when every ping from the phone is a jolt.
when you are worried about the dearth of work.
when you fret about what could have been,
what should have been.
when you brood of time lost.
when privilege is lost even if there’s just one person you need to worry about.

so no, iam reclaiming these little pockets of time. every coffee i make, iam with the coffee. iam focussed on absorbing all sounds, smells and smiles that happen in those moments.
life will continue to happen,
just not,
when iam with my coffee.